Game Developer



Welcome to my website! As I am sure you have noticed my name is Cary Jasinski and I am a professional video game tester. I graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a BA in Game Programming and I have been working in the game industry ever since. I entered the game industry as a QA Tester about 2 years ago and I haven’t looked back. I have had a love for video games ever since I was a child and that love of play evolved into a passion for development as I grew.

When I am not assuring the quality of AAA games I am developing games of my own using Unreal 4 and Unity. I have made a variety of games and as a result I have gained a wide array of development skills and experience. While my primary skill set lies in the programming field I have spent a lot of time learning design methodologies and working to unlock the secret of designing fun.

Thank you taking the time to read about me, please enjoy the rest of my website. You can find my work under the portfolio tab, there you will find a variety of games I have tested, game jam games, and full scale projects.