Neon Knight (C#, Unity)

Spring 2016

Neon Knight shatters long held standards of the platforming genre, turning familiar mechanics on their head by putting the player in control of the platforms. Determine the fate of the valiant Neon Knight, creating safe pathways out of the disordered platforms that lay before him, ensuring he makes it safely to the end of each level. Stay wary! One false move will send your hero cascading into digital oblivion.

My Role: As Creative Director and Lead Programmer for Neon Knight I designed and programmed most all of the mechanics seen within the game. 


The Metacosmic Earth Race (C#, Unity)

Summer 2015

The Metacosmic Earth Race is multiplayer racing game being developed in unity as part of the senior capstone project at Columbia College Chicago. 

My Role: As Lead Programmer for The Metacosmic Earth Race I was responsible for managing a team of five programmers. Over the course of two semesters my team created a 2-4 multiplayer LAN system, a system for switching the players local gravity on the fly, and a dynamic GUI system.


Yeti's Quest (C#, Unity)

Spring 2015

As part of a 4 month paid contract job I worked as the Lead Programmer on a mobile puzzle runner called Yeti’s Quest. 

 My Role: As a Programmer on a small team I was tasked with developing a system for procedurally generating obstacles on a path, the entirety of the GUI, character movement, and all power up/ abilities in the game. I also gained a bit of experience with integrating the apple app store into the game.

Website    App Store


Lunch Break (C#, XNA)

Summer 2014

Project I made in my Game Programming class at Columbia College Chicago. This project was written in C# and used the XNA/Monogame framework. All programming and art were done by myself over the last 5 weeks of the course. 


Astray: A Forsaken Tale (C#, Unity)

Summer 2014

As a member of Astray's programming team I worked on the production and optimization of the mobile build and assisted with the enemy AI system.