Adventures of Etheria

Created for the October 2016 Unreal Game Jam

Theme: Settle The Score

A platformer collect-a-thon about Etheria, a young maiden who seeks to break the cycle of sacrifice in her village.

Each year, the village sends out a maiden to be devoured by the mountain god in order to revitalize the town's crystal that serves as a barrier to the encroaching miasma.

Etheria takes it upon herself to venture out into the world and save her village once and for all.

On Etheria I was the game designer as well as the programmer. I designed the initial premise for Etheria  and over the course of 4 days I programmed the core mechanics, the game loop and the player HUD. Given the time constraints of the game jam I decided to program the game using Blueprints.


Alone (Unreal 4)


Game Jam Theme: You Don't Know What You've Got Until It's Gone

Alone is a first person survival horror game created by a two person team. I worked as the programmer and co-designer. I programmed the core mechanics, game loop and user interface. 

Alone was created in 48 hours during the September UE4 Jam.


Agents of Mayhem

Agents of Mayhem is the new open world game from Volition, the studio that brought you the Saints Row franchise. As a QA Tester on the AoM team I did black box testing and completed test plans to ensure optimal quality.

Primal Fury

Primal Fury is a game about magic and puzzles. The player will be tasked with solving various puzzles using the different spells at their disposal. As they traverse through and complete levels, they will acquire new spells in order to complete more complex challenges. Primal Fury also hosts a character driven narrative that brings the whole world we have built together.

My role on the project was to make the puzzle that would allow player to progress though the game upon solving. I also did some level design work on the project. The intro level and some prefab placement in the later levels was done by myself.


The Metacosmic Earth RacE

The Metacosmic Earth Race is multiplayer racing game being developed in unity as part of the senior capstone project at Columbia College Chicago. 

As Lead Programmer for The Metacosmic Earth Race I was responsible for managing a team of five programmers. Over the course of two semesters my team created a 2-4 multiplayer LAN system, a system for switching the players local gravity on the fly, and a dynamic GUI system.

Yeti's Quest

Yeti’s Quest is a puzzle runner for iOS. I worked as the programmer on the project as part of a five month contract I had with Big Shoulders Media.

As the programmer on a small team I made all the game's major systems. One such system was a obstacle generation system that procedurally placed object along the path spline. I also made the UI, character movement, camera rig, power ups and path generation system. 


Neon Knight

Neon Knight shatters long held standards of the platforming genre, turning familiar mechanics on their head by putting the player in control of the platforms. Determine the fate of the valiant Neon Knight, creating safe pathways out of the disordered platforms that lay before him, ensuring he makes it safely to the end of each level. Stay wary! One false move will send your hero cascading into digital oblivion.

My Role: As Creative Director and Lead Programmer for Neon Knight I designed and programmed most all of the mechanics seen within the game. 

SOFTWARE: Unity, Photoshop


Project I made in my Game Programming class at Columbia College Chicago. This project was written in C# and used the XNA/Monogame framework. All programming and art were done by myself over the last 5 weeks of the course.